Baltic Ventures and OneTech to Support Entrepreneurs in Liverpool

Baltic Ventures and OneTech launch new activities to support early-stage entrepreneurs and founders in Liverpool. The project aims to boost diversity in the startup ecosystem and help budding entrepreneurs understand the roadmap ahead. Through events like StartUp Game Bootcamp in June and Business Bootcamp in July, entrepreneurs will have access to training, networking, and resources.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Baltic Ventures to support entrepreneurs across the Liverpool City Region. The programme aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups by providing them with the knowledge, resources and funding they need to start, sustain and scale their businesses.

We recognise that the startup ecosystem in Liverpool has seen a lot of growth and development in recent years. However, there are still many challenges faced, especially by underserved communities who are looking to start or scale their businesses. This partnership between Baltic Ventures and OneTech is a step towards addressing these challenges and building a more diverse and inclusive startup ecosystem in the Liverpool City Region.

“The partnership with Baltic Ventures and OneTech is part of a broader effort to enhance the support of entrepreneurship and innovation in Liverpool. And, to build a more diverse, inclusive, and thriving startup ecosystem for all” said Emma Obanye, CEO of OneTech.

Baltic Ventures is a new and exciting early-stage startup accelerator based in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool that will support game-changing founding teams who are building the solutions and businesses of tomorrow. The team at Baltic Ventures have decades’ worth of experience in supporting startups and helping people turn their ideas into successful businesses. And at OneTech, we are eager to bring our expertise in championing entrepreneurs from historically marginalised communities to the table.

“This partnership is not just about providing support to entrepreneurs, but also about creating a community of entrepreneurs who can learn from each other and collaborate to build successful businesses.” – Emma Obanye, CEO of OneTech.

Together, we will launch several activities in Liverpool aimed at providing people with the support and resources they need to start, grow and succeed. The series of activities starting in June 2023 with The StartUp Game: Bootcamp (1 day) and Business Bootcamp (2 days), both powered by OneTech. These free bootcamps are purposefully built to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the know-how to navigate the startup world.

Jonny Clark - a familiar face in the City Region’s tech and investment community, will be our local Superconnector, opening up his contact book and local knowledge to help democratise access to opportunities in tech entrepreneurship across the Liverpool City Region.

“I’m really excited to be able to play a part in facilitating the partnership between Baltic Ventures and OneTech. Having lived and breathed the tech sector locally for a long time, and also having been very impressed with work that colleagues at OneTech and Capital Enterprise had undertaken in other parts of the country, it feels like a natural synergy with huge opportunities for local people and businesses. Tech can change lives. It changed mine - and I want that to happen for other people here.

Following this, Baltic Ventures’ flagship accelerator will kick off in September. The Baltic Ventures Accelerator 2023 supports game-changing founding teams who are building the solutions and businesses of tomorrow. This accelerator offers a 4-month cohort programme including £50k investment, weekly workshops, VC investor meetings, and mentorship. Applications for this accelerator are open from 6th April until 20th June.

If you’re interested in taking part in The StartUp Game: Bootcamp (3rd June) and Business Bootcamp (8, 9 July). If you’d like to apply for Baltic Ventures Accelerator 2023, please visit

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