J.P. Morgan Chase & Partners - open to people based in London
Application dates

To: May 25, 2022

From: June 22, 2022

Programme dates

To: June 25, 2022

From: June 26, 2022


Founders / Ideation Weekend (JPM)

Want to start a business? Start here. Ideation Weekend is the perfect way to test your idea with expert support, activate your business skills, gain expert insights into the startup world and build the connections to  transform your idea into a business - all in one action-packed weekend.

Ideation is the act of forming and developing ideas from conception to implementation. Think of it as the sequence of thoughts that takes you from a lightbulb moment to building out the concept through research, modelling and testing. This process is the key component of all successful businesses.

Across two days, you will be guided through tried-and-tested exercises and discover expert insights to help you ideate like a seasoned entrepreneur. Sessions are virtual and interactive, so you will also have fun while doing it!


  1. A comprehensive overview of how to Bootstrap a business
  2. A detailed idea of how to create a product strategy, how to develop a sales funnel and how to use email and traffic to promote your business

Day 1:   9:30 - 16:00

You will meet your exciting new network, create teams and get started. Business experts will guide you through Market Validation, Business Modelling and Product Management - as you work in a team to apply these insights in real-time.

Day 2: 10:00 - 16:00

The final day is Pitch Day where you will present your idea to panel of experts and receive invaluable feedback on your pitch. Plus, upon completion your application can be fast-tracked to our Building a Digital Business programme.

2 days