Lambeth Economic Recovery Fund - open to people based in Lambeth
Startup Discovery School
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Programme dates

From: April 5, 2022

To: September 7, 2022


Lambeth Zero Carbon Accelerator

Are you looking to explore the world of entrepreneurship whilst making a positive difference to your community and the global sustainability challenge? OneTech are collaborating with Startup Discovery School and Lambeth Council to accelerate towards net zero by 2030, through the Lambeth Zero Carbon Accelerator. The programme gives you a strong grounding in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, from understanding the business model canvas and customer discovery through to pitching investors and accessing the funding you need to make your business a success.

Programme Benefits
  • Free 6 month programme helping you tackle some of Lambeth's biggest sustainability issues
  • Opportunity to pitch to pilot with Lambeth Council
  • Dedicated mentorship by industry experts in the world of zero carbon 
  • Monthly workshops 
  • Access to additional expert mentors, facilitators and support
  • Access to a £5000 grant for every participant to help you scale your operations and support business and technology validation
  • Post-programme access to the Startup Discovery School alumni which includes support from a global community of entrepreneurs working on some of the biggest environmental challenges 
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs in a range of sustainable industries
  • Introductions to investors

Final Cohort

Swapped - Mya-Gooding Springer 

Swap Shop allows users to consume clothing consciously whilst enjoying the latest fashion trends through swapping their pre-loved items. In doing this we are able to educate our audience by marrying on-trend fashion with sustainability and affordability. Unlike other apps, it eliminates the need to constantly purchase individual items and replaces it with a monthly subscription service. In turn, this allows the users to obtain their desired items whilst doing their part to save the planet. Their vision is to extend the lifetime of clothing and allow users to enjoy fashion without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Algreen Limited- Zhixuan Wang 

Algreen is the pioneer of renewable and sustainable product solutions by utilising biobased materials. Through different technologies such as biotechnology, chemistry and blockchain, Algreen has developed alternative products that can replace plastics and unsustainable fossil products. It aims to ensure the most decarbonised and sustainable solutions to any petrol-based chemicals. It developed biobased polyurethane (PU) and commercialising various industries such as medical, fashion, packaging, furniture and construction markets. Its production line includes surgical glue, buttons, sunglasses frames, chipboards, labels and secondary packaging. 

Xworks - Electra Coutsoftides 

Xworks is a smart B2B trading platform for the bulk movement of waste and scrap materials. Their aim is to reduce landfill, create value and improve recycling targets nationally and internationally. They connect market players to a trusted and authenticated network, and do this through KYC (know your customer) authentication, company verifications, environmental license checks and assist them with compliance and legislative procedures. They use AI to match make and blockchain for accountability and tracking.

Go Rolloe - Kristen Tapping 

GoRolloe harnesses the energy from moving vehicles to filter air pollution in city centres. Their initial product is a hardware device that fastens to bicycle wheels to filter particulate matter using solely the rider's energy and motion. There is interest from local authorities, last mile delivery companies, and the retail sector for pilot trials. They are also working with a car wheel manufacturer to adapt the technology to motorized vehicles. The company was a spin-off project from London South Bank University and is just over one year old. They currently operate out of LSBU and are self-funded. 

Ocean Bottle - Stephane Zahrai 

They are a design-led reusable product brand determined to end the flow of plastic into the ocean by creating essential reusable products made from innovative and planet positive materials. Using seamless technology, they aim to make refilling part of everyday behaviour and connect people around the world on a human-to-human level, from collectors on the front lines to change-makers doing their part at home.

Otherway - Alexander Lewis-Jones 

OtherWay explains the climate impact of any journey of any vehicle. It is a climate tech start-up helping innovators calculate and communicate the carbon impact and benefit of their mobility and logistics services. This data improves reporting, improves literacy and drives evidence-based behaviour change.

Loanhood - Lucy Hall

It is a peer-to-peer fashion rental app solving the Gen Z problem of wanting to be more sustainable and fix the fashion industry. They aim to reduce the carbon, waste and water footprint in the fashion industry.

Filia - David Wharton 

Filia brings solar power to any window/security blinds/garage doors. As more and more people live in flats, Filia is a real scalable solar technology where owners/renters can directly generate their own green energy.

Moree - Dejan Mitrovic 

Moree delivers groceries in reusable packaging on the same day, helping customers who wish to live more sustainably (83% in the UK, according to recent market research), do so conveniently without spending extra time, money and effort. They are on a mission to make zero-waste shopping as easy as ordering a pizza and save 1 billion pieces of single-use plastic from entering landfill and oceans by 2026. Customers order their groceries from via the website/app, receive them the same-day in reusable packaging, which they return at their next order and we then wash and refill, with zero waste.


  1. An understanding of the business model canvas and startup strategy
  2. Understanding the customer discovery process 
  3. Helping participants create a coherent investment strategy for their business
  4. Understanding how to use financial metrics to tell key stories about your business
  5. How to develop a pitch deck
  6. Pitching skills and strategies for approaching investors
  • Introduction Day
  • Business Model Canvas and Strategy Session
  • Customer Personas/ Customer Discovery
  • Investment Readiness Session (Part 1)
  • Investment Readiness Session (Part 2)
  • Financials and Storytelling
  • Pitch Decks
  • Raising and Accessing Capital/ Networking with Funders
  • Presenting and Pitching
  • Demo Day
6 months