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June 22, 18:00 - 19:30

Thought Leadership

Event: Queer Leadership 101

Queer Leadership 101 is an experiential workshop, delivered by We Create Space, that explores how individuals can become more inclusive, impactful and intuitive leaders (and allies) within their communities and in business.

Key topics:

Intersectionality, Power and Privilege

Understanding our own intersectionality allows us to better understand power and privilege. It’s important to learn that privilege is not negative but about the opportunities available because of who we are.

Authenticity and Trauma-informed Leadership

Being true to ourselves. Thinking inward, looking outward. Authentic leaders begin with the will and commitment to work on themselves.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional awareness increases ‘self-regulation’ (the ability to manage your emotions and behaviour in accordance with the demands of the situation).

Story-telling and Queer Resilience

Reflecting on the stories, thoughts, and emotions that emerge when asking “Who am I?”. The power of creativity to explore self-image and better integrate our identities.

Allyship and Facilitating space for others

We must all actively educate ourselves and others on the path to becoming better allies, and there will most likely be some difficult conversations.

We want to help individuals...

Understand better their actions, thoughts and beliefs.

  • Discover new self-care practices for managing their own mental health and wellbeing.
  • Feel empowered with tools and understanding to help and support others.
  • Increase the positive impact they could have as mentors within their organisation.
  • Use the safe space to discuss, learn and get curious.

Facilitated by Maylis Djikalou, We Create Space Programme Director.

Maylis is a transformational coach and consultant who has worked at the intersection of creative and mental health industries for over a decade; curating international events and strategic partnerships to promote wellbeing in the workplace as competitive advantage. Her lived experience and previous struggles with addiction have inspired an ongoing journey in service of marginalised communities. Through empathy and openness, Maylis uses a person-centred approach to facilitate and allow space for others to see themselves as whole, complete, and capable to bring their vision to life.

Guest Speaker is Gurchaten Sandhu, Director of Programmes at ILGA World.

Gurchaten is Director of Programmes at ILGA World, the world's largest global network for human rights of LGBTQI people. He was born to Indian migrant parents in the UK but has been based in Geneva, Switzerland, for over a decade. They spent 17 years working at the ILO (International Labour Organisation) where for many years they were also the president of UN GLOBE, the staff group representing LGBTIQ+ staff in the UN and its peacekeeping operations. They were listed as one of the Financial Times' Top 30 OUTstanding Role Models in 2018 and 2019, and now sit on the We Create Space advisory board.