J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
Application dates

From: February 14, 2023

To: April 1, 2023

Programme dates

From: April 15, 2024

To: July 1, 2024


Side Hustle School (JPM)

Side Hustle School will teach much of the digital sales and marketing skills of drop shippers to early stage founders, helping them to identify and sell other people’s products and build key marketing skills that they can use in their own business. Alternatively, for beneficiaries who may not have a business idea in the short term, it will provide them with invaluable skills that will aid them when they do have an idea of their own.

Led by an entrepreneur, podcast and startup advisor who has expertise in taking products to market and raising capital from investors. Having seen so many companies go from zero to hero (or zero to bust), he knows what it really takes to get a company off the ground and into the hands of customers. He has a wealth of experience-based insights to empower your journey!


  • Understand the different types of digital entrepreneurship using other platforms: Drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, Gum Road & Etsy
  • Launch a successful product to a digital marketplace
  • Learn key marketing and sales skills
  • Drop shipping, Amazon FBA & Digital Products
  • Building out your offering & Customer research
  • Creating/sourcing your products
  • Product launch plan
  • Tiktok, FB Ads and Organic Marketing
  • Generating your first £1000 in sales
  • Launch time! Bringing it all together
8 weeks